Sunday, October 18

A Bandit's Tale

The Muddled Misadventures of a Pickpocket: A Bandit's Tale by Deborah Hopkinson
Rating: 5 stars

Award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson has written a masterpiece-the story of the Italian boy Rocco. Readers will root for Rocco as he steals from the rich, escapes from sticky situations, and eventually fights for working horse rights. This book is a page-turning book that will hold your attention from the first word to the last, and will leave you yearning for even more of Rocco’s adventures. 

*This comes out in 2016,  but I have a job reviewing books, so I thought I'd share my review with everyone. 

Thursday, October 15

From the View of a Marble

It's amazing how much I can roll, over and over agin with the slightest touch. In my poor case, it was a hand that caused my demise. All marbles fear bing touched, because we can so easily be knocked to the floor and forgotten until thrown out and reduced to splinters of broken, crying glass. Not a very happy ending.
This time, my owner, a clumsy boy named Avery brushed me with his finger. It was just enough to send me to a slow and steady tilt, and then a roll across the desk. As a wide gap of darkness opened up before me, like Death himself waiting with open arms I fell. The grey carpet came closer and sped towards me, until my whole round body was covered in the fluff. It was over, my life as a marble.
The only way that I could tell if it was night or day was the narrow streaks of light moving slowly across Avery's bedroom. I was stuck there, a miserable heap of unwanted glass covered in dust bunnies. It's a hard life, being a marble.

Wednesday, October 14

The Copper Gauntlet

The Copper Gauntlet by Cassandra Claire and Holly Black
Rating: 4 stars

In the second book of the Magisterium series, Callum Hunt is back with Aaron, and Tamara. And Callum is certain that his father,  Alister Hunt, is trying to kill him and his wolf Havoc. After running away back to the Magisterium, Call finds out that the powerful Alkahest been attempted to be stolen. And Call knows how did it- and it's up to him to stop the person. A great action and magic novel for both returning fans of the Magisterium series, The Copper Gauntlet is a book that third grader to seventh graders will adore.