Wednesday, December 23

How to Write Your Novel

The time is here. You are finally ready to go one step further and do what many adults cannot do. You are about the write a novel. You have a killer plot, great characters, and a head full of descriptions and dialogue so real they'll make readers cry. It needs to be put onto paper, except for one thing. How do I write it?
If you type in those search terms into google, most of the articles that come up say things like, "10 easy steps to create a great novel", or "How not to write your novel". But truly, no one is going to write it for you. The way to write your novel is to sit down, turn on rain or thunder sounds, and make yourself write 1,000 words or more.
So,  in other words to answer the question: sit down and write the stupid thing!
You can, of course, get tips on how to organize it, to edit it, but really, nothing will tell you how to write it. Only you can write your novel.
Start by putting a piece of paper or laptop in front of you, and a pencil. Let your imagination run loose. Nothing is imposiible when you're writing. Frogs can become princes, maids can become princesses, and anything you can dream of can be put to paper.
Lets get started.

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