Tuesday, December 1

The "Now What?" Months

NaNoWriMo calls these next few months, December, January, Febuary, ect. The "Now What?" months. Or otherwise, the months in which you edit your novel. Here are some tips to help you edit your novel this coming months.

1) Print out a copy of your novel and read it through as many times as you want. Make little notes in the margins if you spot a problem, or cross out whole sections if you would like.

2) Remember that you are the master of creativity, not it's slave. If it seems that this is the right way to go, just because creativity wants it-- not you, don't do it. You are the master of your novel, not the other way around.

3) Read out loud and make not of places where the wording seems unsure or confusing.

4) Don't have a saggy middle! If things get slow, kill a character or something. It may be sad, but at least it keeps things interesting.

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