Monday, December 21

Words by Pippa Liber

This poem "Words" is by Pippa Liber, who submitted this through our Guest Blogging system. To find more about it, and submit something yourself, go to this page: Guest Blogging.

About the author:
My name is Pippa Liber, and I work at the Pippa Liber Words Company, where I write all day! I feel like writing makes you feel like you are alive and part of something. It really helps you learn to be your own person! I also enjoy boating, reading, acting, making pottery, advertising, and cooking.
You can find her blog at: Read. Now. Today


I love words. 
Imagine how hard it would be to survive without them.
 Each word is unique, like a fingerprint 
Sweet like peppermint. 
We need every word in this world. 
Try choosing 10, even 50 to keep. 
You couldn't do that. 
Losing a word is like losing family. 
And then there are bad words. 
Swear words. 
No-no words. 
What makes them so bad? 
What is their story? 
And then there are good words. 
Pleasant words. 
Yes-yes words. 
What makes them so good? 
Could you make a yes-yes word a no-no word? 
Every word has a story 
Just like every person. 
Every word has a personality. 
Just like you and me. 
We can dig deeper and see. 

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