Wednesday, December 23

The Night by Dorcas W

This poem "The Night" is by Dorcas W, who submitted this through our Guest Blogging system. To find more about it, and submit something yourself, go to this page: Guest Blogging.

About the Author:
Ever since I realized I had a passion for reading, I have had a passion for writing. Whenever there was a school writing project, if I had an inspiration, I always put it in the book. When we started the Debra Holmes group, I was more than happy to help write the Fanfiction series for Warriors. Mostly, though, I have to give credit to my friend BH for showing me how interesting random thoughts can be. She does talk about half rhinos and hippos a lot...

The Night
As I lift my head up,
I gaze at the stars.
Twinkling little orbs of light
Illuminating the night.
I lay back on the grass
While the comforting light
Of the multicolored stars
Shines on me.

I shift my gaze onto
A large spherical shape,
The silvery crater-filled
Wondrous moon.
The leaves block the stars
And leave the moon to be seen,
As if the trees themselves
Will me to worship
In the beautiful light of the moon.

As I lay there all night,
Entranced by the beauty
Of God's creation-
The lesser lights.
Then as Dawn approached,
Spreading her wings,
The lesser lights faded
And the Greater light appeared.

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