An Introduction

I am a rising eighth grader who is obsessed with the universe, reading, and winning. I have been writing for about five years, and have recently been published in various magazines and blogs throughout this year and the last. My favorite genres to write in are fan, realistic, and historical fiction. 

"I look at you and see myself.  A less beautiful, less intelligent version."

I am a total history nut, and love reading 1000+ pages biographies about influential Americans, especially if they are a Founding Father or had a part in the Revolutionary war.

"Write it in ink or in blood, it's the same either way."

For those who read Family Legacy, you can probably tell that I am a die-heart Slytherin with most of the personality traits of one-- including the bad ones. I seem to have a very strange disorder where I cannot stand Gryffindors. It's really weird. 

"When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm so much better."

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