My Novels

At the moment, I have written three novellas, ranging from 25,000 words to 40,000 words. Here is are some descriptions of them below.

Shadows Unveiled (Warriors Fan Fiction, Book 3 of the Whispers of the Shadows series)--21,722 words
Silverpool is the newest warrior in RiverClan, racked with guilt and sadness from her sister's fate.
Dawnstrike is now one with the stars, and hates all of the cats in StarClan for not telling her the entire prophecy.
Like currents underneath the calm water, fear is now gripping all of the Clans-- the one in the stars and the ones by the lake. StarClan cats are missing, and mysterious happenings are occurring all around the lake. Even the medicine cats can no longer communicate with their ancestors, only getting snippets of sentences when they try.
So when Silverpool is approached by her deceased sister in her dreams, she takes the words she hears seriously. "Prophecy... ThunderClan... don't know... StarClan... vanished, but no one... don't trust..."

And what she finds-- may be the thing that sends Silverpool up to her sister in the stars.

Rivers Descending (Warriors Fan Fiction, Book 1 of the Whispers of the Shadows series)--19,563 words
Silverpaw and Dawnpaw are new RiverClan apprentices just as the war against ShadowClan unfolds. The two sisters are brave, yet inexperienced. As they face the day-to-day challenges and fears of war, the RiverClan medicine cat receives a prophecy that shows how the evil of the Dark Forest is back-- and stronger than ever before.

Family Legacy: Harry Potter Next Generation Fan Fiction-- 40000 words
Albus Potter, Hazel Malfoy, Scorpious Malfoy, and Rose Weasley are new first-years at Hogwarts, and the four of them only have one thing in common-- they're determined to change the destiny that their parents have unknowenly written for them. Albus wants to be known for something other then his father, Hazel wants to have her Malfoy legacy disappear entirly, Rose wants the Weasley name to be the best, not the sidekick of others. And Scorpious Malfoy wants to be proud of his last name, and change the meaning of it as well. Follow these four young wizards as they fight to break from the path that the Potters, Malfoys, and Weasley's have always walked.

Kat and the Great Zoo After Dark Adventure- 25000 words

Meet twelve-year-old Kat Morning Splendor. She lives an ordinary life- well, as ordinary as you can be when you are as curious as her. She specializes in leading her two best friends, Alex and Paula in trouble. Not deep, deep trouble, but trouble all the same. 

Then she follows her mysterious classmate Jess. Suddenly, the three friends are thrown into head-first into a mystery full of stolen animals, criminals, a midnight run through Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, and a side of death by father. 
Curiousity could kill Kat, if she's not careful enough.

Stolen Magic-- 32000 words (NaNoWriMo 2015)

Twelve year old Cassie and John have been slaves to the primary street-gang of Direhallow Keep for over five years. No magic, no family, and no one but each other. Everyone has magic, it seems, everyone but they. Magic would make everything better; it would give them food, clothes, and revenge on the gang that treats them as non-humans. Everyone in Direhallow is born with a certain amount of magic, and that places your position in life. So when all of the magic in Direhallow vanishes, the world is left speechless. The King issues a proclamation that anyone who finds the stolen magic will be given a place in the Royal Army. Cassie and John, with all their street-smarts are only too eager to go, or die trying. And that may be the case.
Along the way to find the magic, Cassie and John will encounter hungry ogres, mutant birds, and a band of animals all with the intent to guard the secret of the hidden magic. When it's too late to go back, and when the two are dangling over a fire with ogres all around, they will realize- was magic really worth it?
Stolen Magic reveals the best, the worst, and even the undiscovered true magic that lives within us.

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