Sunday, December 20

Writing Goals

Writers should always have goals for themselves. A little like New Year resolutions, writing goals give us a chance to push ourselves as writers, to go a little bit farther than we were before. They help us grow and gain more discipline. Also, there is a great thing about them-- we never get penalized if we don't follow them! For example, here are my 2015 Writing Goals:

1. Write at least something every day, whether it is a story, journal entry, or random ideas or thoughts.
2. Focus more on in-depth characters.
3. Finish a novel or novella this year.
4. Use better descriptions and make every word count.
5. Read a lot.
6. Have an open mind about anything I write or read.
7. Save all of my writing.

8. Have one blog post per day.

Really, I truthfully only accomplished five out of eight of them. 4, 6, and 8 all sort of went down the drain. I sort of tried, but didn't really make it. But that's okay! I strove to get better as a writer, and accomplished most of my goals! 
So, for this New Year, I challenge you to make some goals yourself. And, if you wish, you can send them to me and I will publish every single one that I get on my blog, started January 1, 2016.

Happy Writing and goal making!

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