Sunday, December 20

Guest Blogging

I have been looking at my 2015 writing goals, with the year ending and everything, and found that one of them I didn't keep true. I was going to write at least one blog post every day, and that didn't really work out. This blog keeps me really busy, and it is hard to keep everything running smoothly and generating new ideas.
So, I decided to open this blog up to submissions by other young writers like me! Below this text, there are some rules for guest blogging.


  • Guest bloggers must be aged 16 and under
  • No inappropriate content for younger viewers
  • Must be respectful

You can send me an article (under 5,000 words), short story (under 10,000 words), poem, drama script, or book review (under 2,000 words). If you have something else that is not in those categories, send your idea to me! 
You can send your story, article, ext. using the form on my contact page. After sending in your piece, please wait 2-3 days before a response. If you are accepted to be on the blog, you will be published on Mondays.

What's in it for you?

If you guest publish on my blog, you will get an author's bio that can advertise you and any books that you have written, a link to your website or blog, AND another "published work" that can be shown to publishers. 

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