Thursday, December 24

The Perfect Submission

When you submit a piece of writing to a publisher, they aren't just looking to see if you are a good writer. They want to see that you have an eye for details, follow their rules, and know how to create a good, well put together story. So, how do you show them that you are all those things? Just follow this checklist, and there will be a high probability of being accepted for what all writers dream of-- publication.

Choose the right words
Readers don't want to work hard to envision the setting, you have to do that for them! If you choose you describe things using words such as "big", "happy," or "fun", you have basically written a one-way ticket to the paper shredder. Be bold! Use words that show the reader exactly what the character looks like, or how large the dinosaur is.

Check, check, and check
Publishers like to be in charge. So when a contest or magazine tells you what they want to see, you're going to have to give them what they want to see. Twelve point New Times Roman font is the standard text format for most submissions, so if you are not sure go with that. Check the publisher's guidelines at least two times, and be sure that their instructions are followed exactly as they are writeen.

No plot-- a huge problem
Everything in the end winds down to the basic, good story. It dosesn't matter really what your story is about, it just needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Stories need to follow a plot line, and have a protagonist (the hero) and an antagonist (the villain). Without those points, your story is basically nothing mre than a page with meaningless words written on it.

Don't be this guy!

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