Saturday, December 26

Reading List #4

Here is the forth installment of my Winter Break reading list. I will be posting a series of my top ten winter break books until January 1, 2016.

4. The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein

In the first book of Grabenstein's Haunted Mysteries series, he starts it with a murder, a new house, and a toilet that won't stop spewing out mud-- all the usual things. I would recommend this book to any kid who wants to escape the world of reality and spend time with ghosts, fires, and a trip into a story that you could only imagine in your dizziest daydreams. A perfect topper to the middle of Winter Break, The Crossroads is a thriller that will keep you staying up to read it beneath the covers.


  1. Why don't you ever tell us what the book is about?

    1. Hi--
      It is only so easy to search the book on the web and find the description. I think that it is more effective to tell you sort of how the book is and who it appeals to. Would you like me to start including the descriptions?


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