Saturday, August 1

Movie Review!

Last night, my brother made me watch Disney Channel's premier of Descendants. I guess it was okay, but I just feel like telling you all about it. (This might contain spoilers).

Rating: Three stars. The ending was very predictable (It's Disney, of course) and the songs and dances were all really cheesy (except for their remake of 'Be Our Guest').

So, basically the plot is that the daughters and sons of four evil Disney villains go to school with the children of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, ext. The daughters of the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and the sons of Jafar, and Cruella De'ville. I like the characters a lot, they were very funny and really embraced their roles. The parents were great too. The songs were really horrible, I think.
The costumes they wore were very interesting, and embraced the villain's life style.
That's all I can really think of now. Bye!