Monday, August 3


Last night, I rose the pen to the notebook, I pressed the tip to the paper. And what happened? NOTHING! I had the dreaded writer's block last night, which is very painful to have, indeed. I know that everyone gets writer's block sometimes, but some people have a harder time to shake it off then others (which used to be me). I had a three-year long writers block streching from 3rd grade to 6th grade. I just want to share some tips about how I get rid of mine.

Exercise. Anything to take your mind off of your story or poem or whatever. But no video games, those aren't very good for the creative process.

Draw a picture. If you simply have no ideas to write a new story, just start making a weird and wacky scene, while coming up with a story in the picture.

Write. If you can't write a story, write abiuot your day, or something new you noticed while walking home from school. Even if you aren't writing a story, you can still use these details another time.

Describe something. Even if the right words don't flow to you, describe the colors of an apple, the shape of a pear, the smell of a pencil. After doing this, you may right a poem about one or the other.