Sunday, April 3

Chapter Sixteen of Family Legacy

Chapter Sixteen: What Hazel Forgot to Add

Once getting off of the train, I could see my parents immediately. It’s never hard to see them, on account of the fact that all of the other people avoid them like they have the Muggle illness Black Death. I stood in the exhaust fumes from the Hogwarts Express, anxiously studying them before approaching. 
Mum and Dad looked the same as ever; Dad with his sad grey eyes, and Mum with her loving glances that could turn nasty any moment. 
Here I go, I thought, and with a massive surge of fear I stepped away from the train and began walking towards them, dragging my feet. Suddenly I wished that I had not worn my Hufflepuff scarf. 
Mum’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw me. 
“Scorpius!” she exclaimed, and enveloped me in a warm, comforting hug. Soon, Dad’s arms encircled me as well. I peeked out between my two parents, searching for Hazel so she could take some of the hugging. 
Finally they released me. Mum bent down slightly so she was my height.
“How are you, dear? You haven’t written us any letters.” Her brown eyes held nothing but love, and I felt ridiculous for trying not to talk to them. 
“I thought you would be mad at me,” I began, and looked up at Dad. “Because I was sorted into Hufflepuff.” 
“Scorpius,” Dad said calmly. “We would never be mad at you for something like that. We never thought you would be in Slytherin, anyway.”
I bit my lip and looked away from my parents. “That’s good,” I murmured, then saw Hazel dragging Albus with her. “Oh, there’s Hazel!” 
Mum squinted. “Who’s that with her?”
“That’s her friend who’s staying with us,” Dad said. “What was his name again, Scorpius?”
My eyes widened. No wonder they were so okay with Albus staying with us! They didn’t even know who he was. 
“Uhh…” I said, then was saved by my twin’s voice.
“Oh, come on Albus! You are so annoying sometimes!” Albus said something that we couldn’t hear, and then Hazel huffed loudly. “Look, Albus. They will not bite you.” Hazel grabbed Albus’s robes and yanked him closer to our family. 
“I’m not afraid of that,” he said, looking at Dad. 
Dad narrowed his eyes. “Did Hazel say Albus?” he asked me. I fiddled with my fingers and looked up. 
“Um, no. Why would she say Albus? Hazel said, um, Draco.” I cursed myself as soon as I said that. I’m not a very good liar, unlike Hazel, who could think of another name in a heartbeat.
Dad and Mum’s faces crinkled into a vision of confusion. 
“What?” Dad said. “Scorpius, I highly doubt that Hazel said “Draco”. That’s my name, remember. Now what is her friend’s name?” He tapped his shoe on the pavement. 
I opened my mouth, about to say something, then thought better of it. I side-stepped away from my parents and grabbed Albus by his robes. 
“What the heck are you doing?” he sputtered. 
“Come on, Albus,” Hazel said. She let go of his black robes and looked at me. “Just make him believe that we’re not going to eat him or anything, okay?” 
Albus stood taller. “I do not need to be dragged. You just grabbed me and thought that I needed too.” 
I sighed and followed Hazel and Albus back to my parents. 
“Good. Hazel,” Dad said. “You’re brother won’t tell us who your friend is. What is your name?” he asked Albus. I stepped next to the other boy for support.
“You didn’t tell them?” Albus hissed to Hazel.  My twin shrugged, and Albus looked back at my parents. 
“My name’s Albus Severus Potter,” he told them. 
Both of them stared, and I was pretty sure that only one word had registered with their brains. “Potter”.  
Mum was the first to recover. She extended a hand and shook Albus’s warmly. “Nice to meet you, Albus,” she said, glancing at Hazel. “You’ll be staying with us over the entire break?”
“If that’s fine with you,” he said softly. 
“It’s no problem at all,” Dad said. Hazel and I both looked at our father, surprised. Albus looked shocked too. 
“You don’t have a problem with it, the fact that he’s a Potter?” Hazel asked. 
Dad sighed. “I’m fine with it. Lucias and Narcissa might not.” He smiled. “But when they jinx you, I promise it won’t be permanent.”
Albus’s face paled, and it almost rivaled mine. 

“He’s kidding,” hissed Hazel. 

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