Sunday, April 3

Chapter Twelve of Family Legacy

Chapter Twelve: My Sister Deserts Me

I didn’t mind Albus sitting with Hazel and myself. I really didn’t. I respected her friendship, and was glad that she made a friend. But in being friends with Albus, she forgot about her twin.
On Saturday afternoon, the Hufflepuff house hosted their Quidditch try-outs. Hazel said she was going to come, but when I was high up in the air, I saw nothing but empty bleachers with a Hufflepuff viewer or two. All of my housemates were ignoring me, and even the captain looked at me disdainfully. Yet, I outflew all of the other Seekers, and I thought that I was a shoo-in to be the Seeker on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.
Once landing down from our scrimmage, I thanked the captain and trotted off to the castle, where I intended to store my broom and then look for Hazel all over the castle.
When I reached my dormitory, I saw that my trunk had been dumped over on its side, and all of my clothes and school books were spilling like a mudslide onto the floor.
“Stupid Hufflepuffs,” I growled, and bent down, picking up all of my belongings in large armfuls. I was about to place my broom, a Firebolt Supreme in the trunk, when a casual voice came from behind me.
“Are you mad at Hazel for not coming to try-outs, Scorpius?”
I dropped my broom on the stone floor, where it landed with a clatter. I picked it back up and turned around, glaring at Albus with my broom clenched to my chest.
“Potter!” I gasped. “What are you doing in the Hufflepuff dormitories? How do you even know our password?”
“My dad has a map,” the boy said. He stepped closer and wrapped his red and gold scarf tighter around his neck. Even though September wasn’t that cold, the Hufflepuff house was not heated, and had thick blankets instead of fireplaces. “It shows all of the passage—“ he broke off.
“Never mind. Do you want to know where Hazel is?”
I threw my Firebolt Supreme back into its trunk. “Yes,” I said, exasperated. “Where was she?”
“She's in detention.”
“Again?” I sighed. “What did she do this time? First it was stunned Nott, and now…”
“She watched Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs,” Albus said blankly. “I told everyone that she was not a spy, but would they listen to me? No. And so she has been in Professor McGonagall’s office for hours, refusing to tell her that she was spying.”
“But Hazel wasn’t!” I said. I threw my Quidditch jersey onto my yellow bedspread. “She had never seen Quidditch, and wanted to see how it was different.”
“I know,” Albus said. “Can you come with me? I’m trying to persuade Hazel to just admit it, to get her out of the office.”
“I’ll come with you,” I sighed.

“Come on, Hazel,” I whinnied, getting on my knees. I grabbed her chair and stopped it from swinging around. “Just say you were spying, and then you can get out of here!”
“But I wasn’t,” hissed Hazel. Her blond hair was ruffled and checks pink. “It’s just because of Dad that they thought I was.”
I saw Albus lower his eyes. He always went quiet whenever we talked about our family.
“I hate being a Malfoy, Scorpius.” Hazel said unexpectedly. She gripped the sides of her chair. “I wish I was in another family.”
“What?” I said. I looked at my twin straight in the eyes. “Don’t say that! You have to be proud of our heritage, Hazel. Without pride, what can we feel about our history?”
“Shame?” she offered, and I glared at her.
“Stop acting like an injured bird, who flaps her wings and acts so sorry about herself.” I took a step closer. “If you haven’t noticed, I am actually doing something about our legacy. I’m trying to change it!”
Hazel stood as well. We were exactly the same height, and were able to glare into each other’s grey eyes easily.
“And how’s that working out for you?” she said sarcastically. “You’re in Hufflepuff, and nobody in school likes you. Lucias and Narcissa disowned you, for Merlin’s sake. How that progress?”
Albus’s eyes widened, and he moved his hands, looking like he wanted to say something but was unable to find the words.
I reared back, and felt tears spring to my eyes.
“I hate you,” I said, and staggered out of Professor McGonagall’s office.
If my own sister couldn't be proud of me, and the Malfoy name, who could? For the first time since being in Hogwarts, I felt totally and utterly alone.

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