Monday, April 4

Chapter Twenty-One of Family Legacy

Chapter Twenty-One: Same Skin, Different Heart

Lucias had the gaunt look of the people from the Uncurable Ward at St. Mungo's. He was a shadow of his former self, his white hair almost translucent and eyes wide and dark. I noticed that his shirt sleeve was rolled down, and he no longer touched his Dark Mark when he thought that nobody was watching.
He took in a deep shuttering breath. “Potter— Albus,” he rasped. Immediately my best friend leaned closer to me for safety.
“You are right.”
My eyes widened, and my mouth dropped open I studied Dad’s face, watching his sharp features lose their distinctness in shock. Mum looked over to Lucias, also astonished.
“I am a Dark Wizard,” Lucias continued. “I have never been much of a father—“ Dad sat up very straight, grey eyes soft. “—or a grandfather.”
I looked to the ground. I knew that Lucias was right, he had never really loved me or anything, but I didn’t want to show that I agreed with him. It was apparent that my grandfather was suffering already.
“My obsession with blood has clouded my judgment,” he said,” and it had led me to great lengths, where, looking back at them now, were unlawful and cruel.”
And now he’s talking about his Dark Mark, I thought.
Narcissa stepped beside her husband.
“And I have been wrong as well,” she said, voice soft. My head spun; it was as if my whole universe was crashing around me. Everything that I had ever known was disappearing as rapidly as casting a spell.
Dad stood up, face face somber and grimaced with pain. His normally neat hair was mussed, probably from where he had yanked it. Both him and myself did that sometimes.
I watched as Dad wordlessly crossed the room, his leather shoes crushing the torn wrapping paper littering the floor. He put his arms around Lucias, but stiffly, the way he had been taught.
But Lucias knew that was not how fathers hugged their sons. He squeezed Dad tightly, probably for the first time in forever. When he released Dad, both of the men’s eyes had tears in them.
I looked to my left, where Albus sat. I squeezed his hand and whispered,” Thank you, Albus.”
He looked surprised, and whispered back,” What did I do?”
I gestured to Lucias, Narcissa, and Dad.
“You healed them. Their souls and hearts were broken, until you brought them back with your words.”

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