Monday, November 9

J.K Rowling's Harry Potter

It would seem that every writer aims to be like J.K Rowling. I don't. The story of Harry Potter, in my opinion, is a good plot line, but the actual quality of the writing itself is horrible. Also, another thing that is horrible in the Harry Potter books is the amount of detication there was. Starting around the third or fifth book, the relationships and subplots were so badly formed it left the readers with a question. 
I do like the story of Harry Potter, I really do, yet in the recent years I have really noticed how the style of writing varies from some other writers, such as Eva Ibbotson or James Barrie. If you take out of the signifying words, like "Harry", "Hermione", "Ron", "Ministry of Magic", and "Malfoy, what you have is a collection of badly formed sentences that give no meaning what so ever. 

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