Saturday, November 28

Stolen Magic

I just finished the first draft of my novel, Stolen Magic. Here is the description to share with everyone!

Cassie and John have been slaves to the primary street-gang of Direhallow Keep for over five years. No magic, no family, and no one but each other. Everyone has magic, it seems, everyone but they. Magic would make everything better; it would give them food, clothes, and revenge on the gang that treats them as non-humans. Everyone in Direhallow is born with a certain amount of magic, and that places your position in life. 
So when all of the magic in Direhallow vanishes, the world is left speechless. The King issues a proclamation that anyone who finds the stolen magic will be given a place in the Royal Army. Cassie and John, with all their street-smarts are only too eager to go, or die trying. And that may be the case.
Along the way to find the magic, Cassie and John will encounter hungry ogres, mutant birds, and a band of animals all with the intent to guard the secret of the hidden magic. When it's too late to go back, and when the two are dangling over a fire with ogres all around, they will realize- was magic really worth it?
Stolen Magic reveals the best, the worst, and even the undiscovered true magic that lives within us.

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