Friday, November 6

The First Week of NaNoWriMo

Hello, fellow NaNo participants! The first week of National Novel Writing Month is closing, so lets all apluad each other for getting through the first week. Even if you haven’t reached your goal for this week yet, no need to fret; the first week is always the hardest. If you have, great job! 
I am in the beginning of my story, still, and running out of ideas already. Is this happening to anyone else? If it is, or if you can anticipate it happening to you in the meantime, here is a list of crazy ideas that is sure to liven up any story, whatever genre. 

  • Include a strange weather phenomenon
  • Kill a charcter. It’s never too early to do that. 
  • Give your main character a pet
  • Have your villian go on a mustache-drawing spree
  • Blow up a planet. 
  • Have your characters cross a river or body of water
  • Find gold or precious jewels

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