Thursday, July 30

100 Word Exercise- Trapped

I have decided that, every day I am going to post 1-2 100 word paragraph/short story/beginning, I don't know. Whatever you want to call it I am posting on here. Here is my first one, which I am calling 'Trapped.'

My tail was heavy and sodden with sand. My head felt like it was filled with water, and I opened my eyes wide. And gasped. Far different from my family’s usual island, full of blue water, perfect for swimming in, and a healthy jungle not far from the beach, I was floating in a terrarium with fake, plastic rocks laying on the bottom. About five feet cubed, I was barely fitting, my tail gently fluttered by it. 
I streched my eyes wide, straight into the leering face of a hairy ape-man.
“You’re gonna make me rich!” He cackled gleefully.