Thursday, July 30

Writing Beginnings

Whenever I force myself to sit down at my desk and write something, I sometimes have a great idea that, like a hummingbird is quick and fast and only stays in sight for a moment or two. The beginnings are like that for me. I too often labor on the notebook, wasting ink and lead while crossing sentences and paragraphs off left and right. Anyway, one method of facing the dreaded beginning is to just... leave it alone!

Methods of facing THE BEGINNING :(

  1. Ignore it for a while. Either move on to the story you are writing, leaving a beginning that is unfinished (You can change it later) or distact yourself entirely by going outside, shooting some hoops, run around a pond, do something active.
  2. Read over some crossed-out beginnings. What do you like about them? See if you can incorporate all of the things you like into a sentence/paragraph/begining.
  3. Think about the story you are writing. Pretend that you are writing about a pencil who wants to be a writer. Which prt do you like the most, the pencil finding out he wants to be a writer, coming alive, or writing his first story. Write a beginning from on of those three (You can use flashbacks, too).

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