Friday, July 24


Before school ended, my 6th grade homeroom had poetry class together. Now, unusually, my class enjoyed it and the kids who continually annoyed everybody (me included) actually turned in some great pieces of work. It is really amazing, what poetry does to you. Poetry can really inspire and give someone courage or an obsession. What I like about poetry the most is that it can be interpreted any way. And all poetry is different. Although the most common type is rhyming poetry, there is also acrostic, ballad, canto, epic, couplet, dirge, found poems, free verse, hymn, Italian sonnet, lyric, limerick, mock epic, and so, so, so many more.
Another thing about poetry is that it can be written in so many different tones. You can spell your words and meaning straight out, like a branch, stripped away of all it's bark, or you can weave rhythm and meaning and mystery in a lovely flowing river of words. I prefer to have dark, black tones in my poems, and to thread hidden meanings in the words. My poems usually are not very long, though.
My Language Arts teacher, however, disagreed with me. She thought that my poems did not make much sense, but I disagreed. My teacher did not make a great effort to understand the poem, and made me change it to what I thought was a boring, bland, amature piece of writing.

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