Friday, July 31

What If?

'What if' are two powerful words that can make anything happen. With writers, we can make the normal frog become a prince, the poorest pauper become a princess, or the unloved boy become a wizard. Recognize any of these stories? The Frog Prince, Cinderella, and Harry Potter are just three examples of what happens when the writer doesn't care that most of society thinks that magic isn't real. These are examples of when magic, the real magic that happen when writers write comes alive.
Writers don't have to believe in magic, but I think that when people write down a story, magic does become real. We can make worlds, people, and cultures. We can create death, life, or the in-between. We can make readers hold their breath, cry, or get in trouble at school for reading our book beneath their desk.
Here are some what-ifs that I think have a fantastic story behind them. You can use these for your own stories, if you would like.

What if:

The first time you met your friend she electrocuted you

You opened a fotune cookie that read: Help! I'm trapped in this cookie factory!

An alien landed in your backyard, asking for help

Someone lied and you were in danger of being expelled from school

You were an animal, the last of it's kind

You could travel to the dangerous Dreamworld, where ALL dreams come true. Including the nightmares.